Spa Moving Services
As a full service Spa and Hot Tub moving company in Columbus, Ohio Spa Doctors can provide SPA moving, delivery, relocation, disposal and more! We mainly service the Columbus Metro area.

When you acquire a new or pre-owned spa, there are a lot of things to consider in the delivery process. Such as proper placement, installation as well as possible damage to the spa, personal injury and or your home. Most home owners don’t realize just how large, heavy, cumbersome and fragile spas and hot tubs are to move to their backyard. It’s beneficial to have experienced spa and hot tub movers handle this for you.

Something to realize when you are moving and thinking of relocating your spa, most home furnishing movers do not have the correct equipment or experience to move your spa or hot tub correctly. With our 15 years of professional spa and hot tub moving experience we can insure that your hot tub will arrive safely and undamaged to your back yard. We specialize in only moving spas and hot tubs, and we look forward to helping you. Let the pros do the heavy work, while we keep you relaxing
Our Spa Movers use dedicated trailers and equipment specifically built for transporting spas
We use specialized moving equipment manufactured by Spa Dolly. You can see the specifications of their equipment at